Protection of Entrepreneurs

With a growing burden of duties imposed on entrepreneurs by the state and the hostile attitude of its authorities, doing business is carrying more and more risk. This is not only a financial risk – incompliance may trigger civil, administrative, criminal or fiscal liability. Entrepreneurs are also exposed to unreliable employees, dishonest contractors and members of their bodies acting to the detriment of legal entities. Our law firm has a group of experts who have specialised in protecting entrepreneurs in each of the above areas.

Our lawyers support entrepreneurs in minimising legal risks, helping them navigate through inspections and crises and repairing damage that has been caused by state, local government and private entities. The services we render cover entrepreneurial liability under civil, administrative, criminal, tax and international law. We provide the necessary support in clashes with the state apparatus and assistance in pursuing claims against dishonest counterparties and collaborators. Due to the nature of these types of cases, our actions are swift and geared to combat all threats to the interests of the entrepreneur. In our work, we do not stick to the hard framework set by procedural rules and we propose solutions that take into account the entire situational context of our client. We rely on modern methods of resolving disputes and conflict situations.

Our services within this specialization

  1. Legal support during an audit by a state or local authority and support during an audit by an external body.
  2. Handling of disputes with ZUS, tax authorities, sanitary inspection, PFR, UOKIK, NFZ and other public institutions.
  3. Representation in misdemeanour, criminal and fiscal and criminal cases, both for defendants and victims of offences.
  4. Handling cases linked to SANEPID decisions that restrict business.
  5. Verification of contracts with the NFZ, PFR and private entities and representation in litigation and enforcement proceedings regarding the implementation of contracts.
  6. Support in labour disputes, with a particular focus on proceedings concerning accidents at work and employment termination cases.
  7. Assisting with tax proceedings and defending against allegations of tax evasion.
  8. Negotiations and application of modern dispute resolution methods aimed at a favourable and efficient crisis management.