Insolvency of Companies and Natural Persons

Bankruptcy is a tool for companies and individuals who have fallen into a debt spiral and can no longer pay their debts.

Consumer bankruptcy

With a consumer bankruptcy designed for natural person, an individual affected by insolvency can even bail out in entirety. The court can also establish a repayment plan and the appointed trustee will liquidate the bankruptcy estate. If the person affected by insolvency owned a house or a flat, part of the amount gained following the sale of the property will be used to rent the flat to both the debtor and his/her family.

Bankruptcy of natural person and companies

We draft bankruptcy petitions for our clients and help them complete the formalities of drawing up and filing the petition with the court. Our assistance is not limited to the preparation of applications. Thanks to our many years of experience in serving individuals and companies affected by insolvency, we also help you choose the best way of debt relief. Our team analyses each case individually, carrying out a detailed assessment of the documentation provided by the client. We have carried out many insolvencies that have contributed to improve the situation of people in debt.

Our scope of services include:

  • Preliminary analysis of the legal and financial situation of the person affected by the insolvency.
  • Advice on the preparation of a debt relief strategy.
  • Drafting bankruptcy petitions.
  • Drafting and negotiating arrangements with creditors and proposals for their approval.
  • Legal advice during the proceedings and when implementing repayment plans.
  • Analysing the risks of concluding contracts and carrying out other transactions with reference to an actual or possible insolvency.

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