International market

The blurring of successive borders, the removal of barriers to business and strengthening globalisation have changed the rules on which previously successful business initiatives operated. A successful business is now unable to operate cut off from the international market. We are aware of these interactions and meet them head-on. Our law firm specialises in handling international cases. With verified legal partners on several continents, we enable our clients to conduct their business safely in any jurisdiction.

We are the only member in Poland of the Ally Law organisation, which brings together independent highly specialised law firms from all over the world. Thanks to a network built on personal relationships, we can provide our clients with the support of lawyers from countries whose jurisdiction is relevant to their case in a matter of hours. In our daily work, we rely on a state-of-the-art technology and our team members communicate in several languages. Our contact base includes at least 2,000 expert lawyers from more than 40 countries who specialise in corporate law, contracts, construction and engineering, litigation, energy, infrastructure and investment, environmental, intellectual property, tax and mergers and acquisitions, among other things. Our team members contribute to global teams of lawyers specialising in specific areas of law, and are also authors of international commentaries and articles in the areas we deal with on a daily basis.

Our services within this specialization

  1. Comprehensive service for companies with an international focus.
  2. Modern support on several layers in investment processes worldwide.
  3. Legal services for projects running in several countries in parallel.
  4. Arranging immediate contact with specialised law firms located in the country of interest to the client.
  5. Consultation with personally verified experts from other countries, not only European, but also from the USA, China, South America, Australia or Israel.
  6. Producing analyses that enable the application of fast and proven legal solutions that are effective internationally.
  7. Support in the preparation, negotiation and execution of international trade contracts.
  8. Comprehensive execution of the process of establishing or purchasing a company in Poland, including the analysis of share purchase agreements (SPAs).
  9. Conducting legal audits (Due Diligence) for foreign investors.
  10. Comprehensive services for foreign investments in Polish companies, in particular the analysis and preparation of so-called shareholders agreements/SHA and investment agreements/IA.
  11. Comprehensive services for foreign entrepreneurs intending to start up in the Polish market.
  12. Corporate services for companies in partnership with foreign entities.