Gaming and gambling

Entrepreneurs in the gaming and gambling industry often grapple with the challenges and opportunities presented by legislation. Operating legally is critical in the ever-changing field of online gaming law. As the gaming sector is largely risk-based, as an entrepreneur in this industry you cannot make your choice of law firm based on chance.


We provide legal services in this area in partnership with Malta-based law firm WH PARTNERS – internationally recognised as a leading law firm for gaming and gambling.


Why is it worth it? 

Working with WH Partners, a leading law firm in the gaming and gambling industry, gives our clients access to the best specialists in the industry.

Our gaming and gambling law lawyers have many years of experience in this field. Attorney at Law Ewa Lejman-Widz, a member of the WH Partners team who heads the Gaming and Gambling Department, is a member of the International Masters of Gaming Law.

Companies in the gaming industry need advisors who can respond quickly and effectively to virtually any legal situation that may arise. As part of our cooperation with WH Partners, we provide clients with the best expertise in this field not only in Poland, but also throughout Europe.


Scope of service:

navigating the regulatory and permitting process, developing new projects, negotiating complex transactions, resolving labour and employment issues, protecting, enforcing and defending intellectual property, managing tax and property issues, and handling potential litigation or disputes with related companies or patrons.

Our firm, in cooperation with WH Partners, is well geared to assess the legality of the business models of domestic and foreign gaming and gambling entrepreneurs in all aspects of their operations.

Our scope of services include:

  • Handling the process of applying for licences and permits.
  • Examining the nature of the games to determine whether they fall under the regulation of the Gambling Act.
  • Requesting the Minister of Finance to determine whether a particular game has the character of a gambling game.
  • Due Diligence of companies in the gambling and gaming industry.
  • Protection of intellectual property.
  • Solving labour and employment issues for gaming companies.


Our know-how and experience will help you identify and leverage regulatory opportunities in gaming and gambling, Our experience feeds into your informed strategic decisions.

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