Tax law

Our business in this area focus on the tax treatment of Alternative Investment Companies (ASIs) and Alternative Investment Company Managers (AIFMs).

Our experience in providing legal services to Alternative Investment Companies, and in particular the tax and legal problems faced by this type of entity, has enabled us to develop a specific proposal of services for clients in this sector.

We provide comprehensive tax advice to those in the industry, not only on VAT but also on income taxes.

Advantages for you 

Within the Capital Markets Department, we provide comprehensive services to ASIs and AIFMs. With 47 funds to serve, the firm boasts a 13% share of the Polish equity funds market.

Our team developed individual interpretations of tax law, which are of key importance for the business of ASIs and AIFMs. We were the first in the market to win a positive tax interpretation for clients with regard to the VAT exemption of management services for investment funds, alternative investment funds and collective securities portfolios. We have also been successful in the field of income tax, where we gained an important interpretation in the field of corporate income tax.

Our scope of services include:

  • Tax advice on the foundations and operation of ASIs and AIFMs.
  • Requesting individual tax interpretations for ASIs and AIFMs.
  • Ongoing tax services for ASIs and AIFMs.

Our knowledge and experience means your safety. 13% of companies in this sector have put their confidence in us. We look forward to meeting you!