Investment Projects and Real Estate

Construction projects are a complex and high-risk part of doing business. On considering the risks arising from unclear provisions of local law, the uncertain status of real estate and rapidly changing regulations,that legal services for this type of project should only be handled by experts. The successful completion of an investment task often determines the health of the entire enterprise, so by offering you our assistance in this area, we guarantee that we will not leave anything to chance.  Our assistance includes not only support for the investment property, but also advice on determining the legal status of the property and its further use.

Thanks to the rich and varied experience of our team members, we have developed our own know-how for legal services for investments, with a particular focus on investments from the traditional energy sector and renewable energy sources. We specialise in complex investment processes related to the construction of industrial plants and facilities and infrastructure. We have successfully carried out projects on behalf of public and private investors alike. Thanks to our extensive network of contacts within the international association Ally-Law, we effectively advise on cross-border investments.

The members of our team have a good understanding of the specifics governing the real estate market, which is why they guarantee a full legal service that minimises the risks linked to the investment project on the property.

Our services within this specialization

  1. Comprehensive handling of the investment process from the preparation of the first projects to final accounting.
  2. Drawing up, negotiating and pronouncing an opinion on the documentation necessary to carry out the investment project.
  3. Legal support and representation in public procurement procedures.
  4. Conducting construction disputes before courts, administrative bodies and arbitration entities.
  5. Advice on and assistance in obtaining investment financing.
  6. Drawing up a comprehensive analysis of the legal situation of the property, which identifies all the problems and risks derived from a change in its legal status.
  7. Adaptation of legal solutions to the client’s objective in accordance with national and international regulations, with particular regard to generally recognised standards and local conditions.
  8. Handling of claims related to the local development plan and the spatial development study.
  9. Representation before the courts and public authorities in real estate matters, with particular emphasis on termination settlements, compensation claims, warranty and guarantee claims, enforcement of security interests and rights encumbering real estate.