Mining law

Until recently, the outlook for fossil fuel burning technologies has not left the place for optimism in the industry. Reality may not have completely changed the direction away from coal as an energy source, but it has certainly delayed the timetable for this change.

Legal assistance in the area of mining law, contrary to its definition, is not targeted solely to producers of fossil fuels. We have experience in providing comprehensive legal services to coal producers, but we also support companies that act as intermediaries in the coal trade, transport companies, and also companies that are suppliers of services or goods to mining companies.

Due to the specificity of pursuing business in the mining industry, where addressing a case often requires comprehensive knowledge spanning civil law, company law, labour law and criminal law, we cooperate with the mining industry mainly in the form of permanent, comprehensive or we narrow down legal services to a specific area. The scope of services also includes the representation of clients before courts, the NAC or any type of administrative authorities. Moreover, we take part in individual projects concerning clients, and develop ad hoc expert reports.

Our firm encompasses both Attorneys-at-Law and Advocates, with the result that clients entrust us with every type of case in its entirety, even in those complex cases that are governed by civil and criminal law at a time.


In the area of Mining Law, we specialize in the following services:

  • Ongoing comprehensive corporate services.
  • Handling commercial transactions, including domestic and international transactions.
  • Support in the area of Labour Law with representation in proceedings before the courts and the Social Insurance Institution.
  • Support for restructuring and privatisation processes.
  • Negotiations with trade unions.
  • Negotiating funding with banks and other financial institutions.
  • Support for mining industry entities in the performance of their obligations arising from their status as a State Treasury owned company or entity with State Treasury shareholding.


Coal stays with us for longer, and for longer you also need knowledge and experience in mining law, exactly what our law firm offers.

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