Industry and energy

The energy sector constitutes a pivotal part of the economy with strategic importance for the development and state security. It must be supported by professional and experienced lawyers who will protect it from the threats present all along the way. Our law firm’s team provides just this assistance. Our lawyers are often experts in parliamentary and senate committees, and take part as moderators and panellists in the most important energy and heat congresses and meetings.

We boast many years of experience in rendering legal services to entrepreneurs and investments in the energy sector, with a particular focus on RES and issues pertaining to energy storage and transmission and environmental protection. We are not afraid of international cases and have developed methods for effective cooperation between entities operating in different legal orders. Thanks to our in-depth analyses and out-of-the-box approach, we provide peace of mind and legal security to energy sector entities and enable planned investment activities to be carried out effectively. We act quickly and our clients can always count on our professional support.

Our services within this specialization

  1. Comprehensive handling of the business of those entities impacting environment, with a particular focus on the energy and RES industry.
  2. Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts, including investment contracts.
  3. Detailed and comprehensive business risk analysis of our clients’ planned activities.
  4. Legal support for the manufacture, sale, lease or other transition of ownership of equipment, tools, service and technological solutions used in the industry.
  5. Serving companies in the resources and mining industry.
  6. Legal services for investment processes, with a particular focus on the energy and district heating sector.
  7. Support in the issue of the necessary licences, concessions, permits and administrative decisions.
  8. Representation before public entities, including central authorities, the National Appeal Chamber, local government bodies and common and administrative courts.