New technologies, intellectual property and e-commerce

Technology is omnipresent today. It impacts every area of business and is present in every industry, not only in Poland, but all over the world.

We recognize that rapid technological advances are affecting our clients’ conduct, business strategy and operating model. An entrepreneur’s smooth navigation of new technology and intellectual property law is one of the major challenges our clients face.

Selling most goods and services over the internet is quite a challenge these days. We understand the risks arising from this form of business and help to exclude or reduce them.


Advantages for you 

We think beyond the law and see the bigger picture.

We are well placed to support companies operating in all sectors.

Through our presence at Ally Law, we are able to build an international team of lawyers for clients providing strategic legal advice on new technologies and intellectual property. Our goal is to help clients keep pace with the changes taking place in the law – we are well aware that implementing solutions based on new technologies is challenging for entrepreneurs.


Our scope of services include:

  • Advising on the incorporation and operation of entities whose business is based on the ownership of intellectual property and/or on the use of intellectual property.
  • Preparation and review of IT contracts.
  • Negotiation of projects based on new technologies.
  • Comprehensive drafting and review of agreements transferring copyrights and licence agreements.
  • Management of intellectual property and protection of company secrets.
  • Full service to e-commerce businesses, in particular the compilation of the documentation necessary to operate on-line.
  • Advising on the compliance of the trader’s activities with anti-unfair competition and competition and consumer protection legislation.
  • Due diligence of contracts governing new technology law.


As the success of almost all businesses is driven by technology, don’t delay in making your choice, contact us today.