Investment funds and the stock market

The financial sector is one of the most heavily regulated and extremely complex parts of the economy. Entrepreneurs operating in it are exposed to market fluctuations, controls of financial supervisory institutions and extensive disclosure requirements. The risks arising from these circumstances particularly affect companies and investment funds, whose aim is to multiply the capital entrusted to them. Our team of lawyers has specialised in the comprehensive service of Alternative Investment Companies and its head, Jarosław Rudy Attorney-at-Law, is called the father of ASI. What is more, we are the only law firm in the Silesian Province that is authorised as an Authorised Adviser on NewConnect. We have experience and developed methods of operation, which enable the company to operate safely within the framework of share trading.

As the undisputed leader among law firms dealing with ASI, Żyglicka i Wspólnicy has established dozens of investment funds whose value is counted in billions of zlotys. The legal services we render cover funds with public and private capital. We provide support at every stage of ASI’s existence, so that our clients can pursue their business without carrying unnecessary legal risks. Thanks to our experience, which is unique in the market, we have developed a dedicated proposal for ASIs and companies operating on NewConnect. Having been issued with a favourable tax ruling, we do not charge clients VAT on ASI management. We have supported dozens of public companies from the regulated and alternative market alike. The value of the transactions we have handled stands at several billion zlotys. Our team has specialised in tender offers and the purchase of treasury shares, leading to the harmonisation of the application of the law throughout the European Union by being awarded with an official interpretation from ESMA.

Our services within this specialization

  1. Drafting of corporate documentation and procedures necessary for the establishment and operation of the ASI.
  2. Representation before the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and assistance in fulfilling information obligations with the ESPI system.
  3. Advising on the execution of agreements with public investors, including NCF, PFR, NCBR, PARP and NFOŚiGW.
  4. Comprehensive legal services for the fund’s planned investments.
  5. Support for ASI’s exit, with a particular focus on the listing of shares on the NewConnect market.
  6. Comprehensive service for the conversion of an entity into a public limited company or limited joint-stock partnership.
  7. Audit of the state of the company and the legal status of the company in order to eliminate the risks of planned investment tasks.
  8. Preparation of a long-term strategy for the development of the company, taking into account the listing on NewConnect and the protection of the rights of existing shareholders.
  9. Support in selling shares and raising external funding.
  10. Provide training on the operations and standards of the NewConnect market, with a particular focus on companies’ disclosure requirements.
  11. Tax advice covering the business of the companies we serve.

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