Our firm is the only law firm in the Silesian province licensed to act an Authorised Adviser on the NewConnect Market by the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE).

NewConnect is a form of financing for the development of companies with high growth potential, organised by the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) on 30 August 2007. Thanks to the presence on the New Connect market, companies have the opportunity to raise capital for various types of investments, which accelerate their development and increase their competitiveness. Being an Authorised Adviser on the NewConnect market, our Law Firm helps its clients to prepare adequately for their debut on this market, which strengthens the credibility of a company and its plans in the eyes of potential investors.

NewConnect shares many characteristics with the regulated stock market. The key similarity is that the primary purpose of a debut on both markets is to raise capital from investors for a variety of investment purposes. On the other hand, the Stock Exchange primarily differs from the NewConnect market, which is not a regulated market in the sense of EU and Polish law, and hence many of the complex rules of the market do not apply to it. The rules of the NewConnect market are set by its organiser, the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and are much less formalised and restrictive than those for companies listed on the regulated market.

The task of the Authorised Adviser is to prepare the company for the listing of its shares on NewConnect and to provide ongoing advice during the operation of the public company on the market.

As an Authorised Adviser, we offer you the following services:

  • Legal service of the process of conversion into the legal form of choice – joint-stock company or limited joint-stock partnership.
  • A survey of the health of the company (audit and pre-investment survey – due diligence) accompanied an analysis of the company’s legal status.
  • Company development strategy with a view to listing the company’s shares on the NewConnect complemented with a strategy to protect the rights of existing shareholders.
  • Identification of an appropriate form of share sale.
  • Preparation of documentation necessary to raise external funding (sale of shares) – public information document.
  • Share sale.
  • Training of the Management Board and key employees of the Contracting Authority designated by the Management Board on the regulations and standards applicable to NewConnect, with particular emphasis on disclosure requirements.
  • Advising on the company’s operation on the NewConnect alternative trading market and the fulfilment of disclosure obligations following the initial listing of shares.

Description of the Authorised Adviser’s Experience:

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