Corporate litigation. Litigation

We handle all types of litigation, specialising in particular in corporate disputes (between shareholders and the company).

We also represent our clients in other legal disputes, particularly those involving commercial litigation.

We are effective because we pride a team of experienced lawyers, representing the background of the courts, authorities, legal departments of entrepreneurs.

We always bring cases to an optimal conclusion for the entrepreneur through negotiations, an injunctive relief to a settlement or a judgment.

We are worth trusting. We are recommended by satisfied clients and lawyers from other law firms.

Advantages for you 

We are flexible. We provide legal assistance as part of a long-term partnership or as ad hoc assistance.

We provide professional and comprehensive assistance, the scope of which we tailor to the specific needs of the company. We cooperate with civil law notaries, real estate agents, patent attorneys auditors and tax advisors.

As a result, we act effectively for micro, small and medium-sized entities , and on the other hand for large companies and individuals.

We can boast of having resolved many cases – successfully for our clients – in all kinds of litigation and pre-litigation disputes, in various industries [such as mining, metal, automotive].

We are not afraid of controversial and media-covered cases.

Our scope of services include:

  • Representation in corporate litigation: primarily solvency safeguard procedures and suits for the annulment, revocation and non-existence of resolutions of corporate bodies, suits for the exclusion of a shareholder and dissolution of a company.
  • Representation in registration proceedings (before the National Court Register) and land and mortgage register proceedings.
  • Redress in damages proceedings – here especially torts caused to companies by shareholders and officers of company bodies.
  • Contract and tort law claims – these are lawsuits concerning the performance and improper performance of contracts and for damages for improper performance and personal injury.
  • Representation in employment disputes – here also employee discrimination and harassment proceedings.
  • Handling personal injury cases – including social media infringement trials.
  • Investigation of claims relating to infringement of ownership, limited rights in rem, possession and in the context of co-ownership – classic disputes between owners, keepers and members of housing communities, including those relating to easements, seizure, settlement of outlays, removal of co-ownership.
  • Conducting proceedings for the recovery of unjust enrichment benefits.
  • Defence in criminal proceedings.

If you are responsible for key management decisions in a company or if you are an owner, shareholder, board member and are facing legal challenges in this regard, you are in the right place. Contact us!

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