Corporate Litigations

The organisation operates best if fuelled on internal peace. For this reason, it is vital to avoid any conflicts arising between those involved in the company. If such a dispute does arise, it affects the operation of all the bodies of the entity, which is why it must be brought to a swift and satisfactory conclusion. Our law firm specialises in handling corporate disputes in the broadest sense. For many years we have been preventing internal conflicts from arising and helping to extinguish them. We are aware that professional legal assistance must take into account many different aspects of a company’s operations and is not always just about winning a lawsuit. A favourable ruling or a protective order are only tools to serve the real purpose – to protect your interests.

We have an experienced team of lawyers who address corporate disputes on a daily basis. As a law firm, we handle disputes involving all conflict configurations between shareholders, bodies, members of these bodies and the company. Our assistance includes commercial law, contract law, tax law, criminal law and international law cases. We have developed proven methods for the prevention of corporate disputes, such as the proper drawing up of corporate documents and the implementation of the necessary rules of conduct. We ensure that the members of our team have not only legal knowledge, but also economic experience and negotiation skills.

We take an individual approach to each case, seeking out-of-the-box solutions and methods of dispute resolution that minimise the losses incurred by our clients. We deal with all types of corporate disputes, in particular challenges to resolutions of company bodies, liability for damages, changes in ownership and changes in company bodies, registration proceedings, criminal business law litigation and employment cases.

Our services within this specialization

  1. A comprehensive analysis of the case, taking into account all aspects of the client’s business and the risks involved in the initiation into or continuation of a dispute.
  2. Supporting shareholders, bodies and their members and the company in a corporate dispute.
  3. Development of the documentation and strategies necessary for corporate litigation.
  4. Participation in negotiation, mediation or other amicable dispute resolution methods.
  5. Representation of the client before ordinary and arbitration courts and public authorities.
  6. Drafting, reviewing and negotiating terms of settlement.
  7. Participation in meetings of corporate bodies on behalf of the client.
  8. Advising on the day-to-day business operations of a client operating in the context of a corporate dispute.

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