Criminal law in business

We defend entrepreneurs and other natural persons in cases of alleged offences in business transactions. We protect you against violations of your rights by the Police, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and other law enforcement authorities, such as customs and tax authorities, SANEPID, PIP. We take part in searches, arrests, charging, and during arrest hearings. We prepare the criminal defence strategy in the trial.

We have a very good understanding of the business operations carried out and are able to select the appropriate argumentation before the law enforcement authorities, as we have been involved in corporate disputes for years and have knowledge of economics.

If possible, we prefer to solve the problem before the case goes to court. We negotiate the terms of conditional discontinuance, voluntary surrender and discontinuance of proceedings with the law enforcement authorities.

We present you with realistic scenarios for future criminal proceedings and prosecutions and, on this basis, suggest the most favourable solution for you.

Economic crime prevention is also our strength. In our team, we have an expert on the prevention of economic crime and corruption and the Head of the AML Department. We are aware of the mechanisms by which crimes are committed and keep up to date, also commenting on changes in the law in this area, so we are able to anticipate many issues.

We handle many criminal cases, including media – very difficult criminal defences.

We also represent defrauded entrepreneurs, becoming auxiliary accusers in litigations with other counterparties, collaborators and also partners.

We are not afraid of any criminal cases and defences, including the major criminal scandals in Poland.

We provide comprehensive services related to criminal, business and tax law, such as criminal defence, AML. prevention of economic crimes in the company, filing of criminal notices and representation against fraudulent actions of others.

We are your ally and shield against state authorities and fraudulent business practices.

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