Inheritances. Divisions of property

We handle all types of litigation relating to probate and division of inheritance; including those relating to the division of joint property between former spouses.

We also represent our clients in negotiations; we provide legal advice.

We are effective because we have a team of experienced lawyers with the court and administrative background.

We always bring cases to an optimal conclusion for the client through negotiation, settlement or court order.

We are worth trusting. We are recommended by satisfied clients and lawyers from other law firms.

Advantages for you 

We are flexible. We provide legal assistance as part of a long-term partnership or on an ad hoc basis.

We provide professional and comprehensive assistance, the scope of which is tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

We work with civil law notaries, real estate agents, chartered accountants and tax advisors.

This enables us to act effectively for all clients.

We can boast of having solved many cases – successfully for our clients.

We are not afraid of media-covered cases.

Our scope of services include:

  • Representation in the negotiation of the distribution of assets.
  • Representation in litigation in inheritance and partition cases – handling cases concerning the ascertainment of the acquisition of inheritance and partitions of inheritance and divisions of joint property of former spouses.
  • We provide legal advice.
  • We draft letters for our clients.

If you have a need to settle an inheritance or want to divide assets created during a marriage or partnership, or want to divide inherited assets and are facing legal challenges in doing so, please contact us.

Specializations associated with this service