Medical law

“Law to safeguard health” is the motto of our Department. 

Our team is very well aware that medical care is a vital and sensitive matter, and that each case requires an individual approach. In law and medicine, it is the details that matter most, so attention to detail is our core value and the key to success.

Our proposal is primarily addressed to patients, doctors, medical staff and aesthetic cosmetology service providers.

As part of our legal support, we provide a wide range of services in the broad field of medical law, including:

  • comprehensive legal services to private healthcare providers,
  • contract negotiations with the National Health Service,
  • representation of medical personnel in medical malpractice liability cases, in particular from a criminal and professional liability perspective,
  • representation of patients both before judicial authorities, common courts and in claims adjustment proceedings before the insurer and in proceedings before provincial commissions for adjudication of medical events,
  • legal services for companies in the beauty industry.

We provide legal assistance nationwide, in particular in the Silesian urban area.

Enjoy your health while we take care of your problem. Contact us today!

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