Family law in business

Family law cases feature their individual, often very complex nature. It is essential to maintain a proper distance and a substantive assessment of the Client’s situation. This subject matter is often difficult for the client for personal reasons. And this is when the support of a lawyer-professional is of great use. We provide legal services for relationships between spouses and between parents and children.

We provide an approach that combines empathy, appropriate to the circumstances of the case, with a professional approach to the subject. Our Family Law Department comprises experienced lawyers with hundreds of trials to their credit.

Our services include representation and advice on the following matters:

  • for divorce,
  • for separation,
  • for maintenance,
  • for settling parent/grandparent contact with the children,
  • for separation of property,
  • for the division of assets.

In the team we have experienced barristers dealing with these types of cases and a former adjudicator of these cases in Court.

Don’t delay difficult decisions. We will help you face them.

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