Leszek Paterek

Partner, Attorney at Law

Attorney at Law, partner in the law firm Żyglicka i Wspólnicy since 2012. He completed his judicial training, concluded with a judge’s exam and work as a junior judge in the Civil Non-Procedural Department of the District Court in Sosnowiec and in the Pledge Registry Department of the District Court. He also adjudicated for 8 years as a court referendary in the Commercial Division of the National Court Register in the District Court Katowice-Wschód in Katowice. Former member of the Local Government Appeal Court in Tarnów, adjudicating in individual public administration cases.

Since 2008, as an Attorney-at-Law, he has been providing services and advice to business entities from various sectors. Specialist in corporate disputes between shareholders and public and private companies with Polish and foreign capital, and also in compensation processes, property division and in the field of franking and WIBOR loans.

Judicial lawyer who has contributed to a number of precedent-setting decisions before the Supreme Court, for instance with regard to the submission of resignation statements by members of supervisory boards (the Supreme Court pointed to a possible mirror principle, that is the submission of resignation statements to the appointing authority – in the absence of other provisions in the company’s articles of association).

Advisor and corporate lawyer involved in the privatisation of one of the largest state-owned companies in Poland.

Litigation attorney for companies such as: JSW S.A., Konsorcjum Stali S.A., CASH FLOW S.A., Mewa S.A., Centrum Naukowo-Przemysłowe EMAG S.A., Zakłady Metalowe Postęp S.A., Centrum Hydrauliki DOH sp. z o.o., Packprofil sp. z o.o.

Lecturer at courses: “Securing receivables in business transactions” (held for employees of the Provincial Labour Office in Katowice, under the aegis of the Czech-Polish Chamber of Commerce), preparing for the examination for investment advisor and for agent of an investment company (held by the Capital Market Institute). Speaker delivering a series of training sessions for stock market investors on amendments to the Commercial Companies Code relating to public companies (held by the Association of Individual Investors). Lawyer for the Association of Individual Investors.

Appreciated by clients for his efficiency, expertise, commitment to the case.

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In his spare time:

  • He is involved in sports, particularly triathlon (IRONMAN in 2020), mountain hiking and playing chess,
  • He pursues dreams of travelling abroad and reads popular literature,
  • He is passionate about general knowledge quiz shows (winner of ‘1 of 10’ TV competition),
  • He loves spending time with relatives and friends

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