Jarosław Pawłowski


Advocated since 2005, member of the Bar Association in Katowice.

Process service specialist.

He practises mainly in Katowice and Upper Silesia, although he has handled cases throughout the country and occasionally … even in Copenhagen (2010).

He comes from Lower Silesia.

Graduate of the University of Silesia in Katowice (2000) and judge training at the Court of Appeal in Katowice, completed with passing the judge’s exam in 2004.

Thanks to the election of Silesian attorneys – he is a judge of the Disciplinary Court of the Association (2021).

He has practised as a solo law firm, collaborating to serve significant business entities individually and in consortium ventures. In 2022, he joined the Firm’s Team, specialising in handling proceedings before the courts of general jurisdiction.

He practices in the field of civil proceedings (civil, commercial, intellectual property cases) and criminal proceedings – either as a defence counsel or as an attorney for the victim or the prosecution. An important part of his practice is the provision of assistance in pre-court proceedings – both in criminal cases (representing a suspect or a victim in an investigation or prosecution) and pre-court assistance in civil cases (settlement negotiations, analysis of legal relations, providing opinions on bond law issues). He is involved in the day-to-day service of capital companies, specialising in housing and coal mining issues.

Author of studies and press articles examining selected problems or popularising the law. He deals with issues of unfair competition law and intellectual property law.

Active in the field of pro bono work – defender of Citizens demanding respect for the rule of law, recipient of the Ombudsman’s Commendation (2019).

Apart from a professional life, he is passionate about history and tries to read a lot. Favourite section of literature is alternative history novels (not least Harris’s Vaterland, Roth’s Conspiracy Against America or Dick’s The Man in the High Castle). Movie lover. Football lover (FC Barcelona, Śląsk Wrocław).

Whenever he can, he visits the mountains as a tourist – the Bieszczady is his greatest, although not his only mountain love. He also travels further afield, though targetting not so obvious destinations (Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania, Georgia). He listens only to rock.

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