Women facing war

Attorney Izabella Żyglicka on 23 February attended a meeting held by Urszula Pasławska, MP, together with the association Women at the Centre and Ms Magdalena Sobkowiak.

The idea of the meeting was for women to build BRIDGES of cooperation between Ukraine and Poland. It was attended by Polish and Ukrainian women from different political parties, various organisations and backgrounds, and Ukrainian women from bombed-out Kiev (sic!) also participated on line.

The participants had the opportunity to listen to Ms Irina Bereszykv, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine.

The Prime Minister thanked the people of Poland for the tremendous help they have given and continue to give to her compatriots, stressing that no other countries help as much as the Poles do.

Today, some 50,000 Ukrainian women are fighting on the frontline, it can be said that women are supporting the fight on ‘every front’. There was Mrs Vladyslava Magaletska, advisor to the Prime Minister and former Minister, in the Sejm, her speech reminiscent of 5 a.m. on the 24th of February 2022 was extremely emotional, as such are her experiences. With the speeches of all the women who were “directly affected by the war”, it was difficult to control emotions….

But Ukrainian Women believe in the VICTORY and are preparing to rebuild, while wanting to carry out a complete renewal of their country. And this war has shown that Ukrainian women can go beyond their capabilities and want to renew the country in the spirit of democracy and respect for human dignity.

Together, the ladies discussed whether war could become more common and what action could be taken to prevent this from happening, so that we do not remain indifferent to the enormity of the tragedy.

The need for Education, support for Ukrainian children and young people came up in the discussion. The need for continued support for Ukrainian women on a psychological, legal, organisational level came up.

There is strength in women. This is the time to harness this potential that women have already created.

The women jointly signed the MOSTY (BRIDGES)! (in the Polish and Ukrainian versions) and established relationships that will continue in the future that are important to them.

Ms. Żyglicka, together with the entire team of the Law Firm, is strongly involved in helping Ukraine. It is worth mentioning that partner Beata Bieniek was already on the Polish-Ukrainian border on the second day of the war, representing the Polish Bar Association, and that the Firm was recognised for all its activities in the Rzeczpospolita ranking.

And to Attorney Żyglicka, as a lawyer and a woman, the idea of building BRIDGES of cooperation between women is all the more dear to her.