Why ‘Fit for 55’?

“Fit for 55” is, in simple terms, a package of proposed EU legislation to help achieve a net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of at least 55% by 2030. “Fit for 55” is only an intermediate step. The next regulatory package is likely to be on the table in just a few years (the European Parliament has adopted a climate law requiring a 2040 target).

According to various estimates, Poland will have to budget tens of billions of euros in order to meet the “Fit for 55” requirements, so the questions are: why and is it worth it?

Opponents of the energy transition in Poland are many, and for most of them the argument of such high costs serves to discredit the changes. Interestingly, opponents often use simplifications and do not cite actual market data, virtually obstructing a fair discussion.

I persistently say that if Poland had fulfilled its EU commitments on an ongoing basis, we would paradoxically be in a completely different, better situation today. Investment in the energy sector takes time and consistency. That is why making up for the last lost years will be costly. The costs simply accumulate.

So, personally, I look forward to finalising ‘Fit for 55’, I urge others to ask questions, not limit themselves to listening to critics, and to consider whether those critics are acting in our interests?


Dariusz Hura

Partner, Attorney at Law

Dariusz Hura