Subsequent won franc cases

Leszek Paterek, Partner of the Żyglicka and Wspólnicy Law Firm and Legal Counsel, successfully completed subsequent two cases concerning so called franc loans.
In both cases (before different Regional Courts), the court found credit facility agreements based on CHF indexation invalid.
What is interesting, in one of the cases, the court stated that the credit facility agreement was invalid despite of the request to “franc” the agreement and convert the loan in such a way as if it had been granted in PLN. The court decided that impermissible contractual clauses could not be replaced with other provisions and therefore the agreement could not be maintained.
The amount payable to the clients in both cases amounts almost one million zloty.

What does this mean in practice?

Firstly, the bank must pay our Clients the value of credit instalments paid to date and then other instalments (as of the lawsuit date till the effective date of the judgement). On the average, in each of the cases our Clients will receive amounts greater than their loan by several thousand zloty from the bank.
We are looking forward to further judgements favourable to our Clients.

P.S. The Żyglicka and Wspólnicy Law Firm has won all of such cases so far!