Żyglicka and Partners ranks high among polish law firms, as announced by the popular legal website of prawieoprawie

We can proudly say that our law firm holds a high position in the ranking of Polish law firms, published on the respected legal website of prawieoprawie . It should be added here that the ranking is based on highly credible data, derived from the National Court Register.

In the revenue category in 2017 we generated the figure of PLN 4,600,000, which made us the 74th in Poland and the 5th in the Silesian voivodship. The result we achieved in the average monthly revenue per legal counsel/lawyer category is still better – with the revenue of PLN 38,300 we hold the 42nd position in Poland and we rank FIRST in the Silesian voivodship.

What makes us particularly happy is the fact that our law firm holds number one position in Silesia in the category of average monthly revenue. We see it as a confirmation that we have implemented the right marketing strategy, which is built around two key factors:

  1. We focus on sophisticated, highly specialised services which require top legal expertise – we receive high prices from our customers in exchange for high quality offered by our firm.
  2. For a number of years now we have followed the success fee principle in our remuneration system, which closely links the prices charged for legal services with our customers’ achievements. Despite certain risk such a method may involve – as success cannot always be guaranteed in advance – the benefits to be gained from this approach are clear. The key one is the fact that the firm receives remuneration from a satisfied customer, who is willing to pay more provided their objectives have been met.

We may add that such a high position in the ranking results also from the management system which is in place in our law firm, aiming to motivate all our staff to work in a diligent and responsible way and then reward them, based on a transparent and fair remuneration scheme.