Robert Mróz

Attorney at Law

He specialises in servicing medium-sized and major businesses, particularly in the energy and coal sectors.

He has many years of experience in providing services as external Attorney at Law, but also in day-to-day legal services within internal corporate structures, including as their organiser and manager.

He enriches his knowledge of the legal environment and the realities of SOE operations with his expertise in the specifics of companies in the private sector.

He has been associated with Żyglicka i Wspólnicy since 2018. His track record of experience includes:

  • negotiation with banks of a number of loan agreements and bond issuance programmes with the largest volumes in Poland,
  • participation in the first line of ownership transformations of companies in the coal sector,
  • supervision of the legal policy of the group of companies within the holding company – on the basis of an original draft holding agreement,
  • negotiations with trade unions,
  • representation before the KIO.

He graduated in law from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Silesia. He is fluent in English and reads in so many other foreign languages that some people question (with a good reason).

Privately a father, linguist and unfulfilled jazz instrumentalist.

My publications

19 April 2023

Wind in the sails of RES

Wind in the sails of RES