The only law firm in Silesia with three Rising Stars of Law!

We would like to inform you that our Law Firm is the only law firm in Silesia that has as many as three rising stars, lawyers – leaders of tomorrow!

The competition committee is every year composed of such personalities like the Chairman of the Supreme Bar Council, the Chairman of the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisors, as well as the President of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna and the President of Wolters Kluwers. The competition committee assessed, among others, the lawyer’s knowledge and achievements, references coming from customers and business partners, innovativeness in legal service provision, and social activity.

This year, the winner of the competition entitled “Rising Starts – Lawyers-Leaders of Tomorrow” was our youngest partner, Mrs Beata Bieniek-Wiera. The competition committee appreciated her for, among others, the privatisation of JSW S.A. and the management of multimillion corporate disputes. Our winner also effectively pursues the rights of such entities like Alior Bank S.A. or JSW S.A., which suffered as a result of economic crimes. Mrs Beata Bieniek-Wiera is in the process of acquiring a title of a court expert in preventing and uncovering economic crimes and corruption.


In 2015, a winner of the competition was our partner, Mr Ewa Lejman, Legal and Tax Adviser. Mrs Ewa Lejman was mostly appreciated for her international experience in business customer service and the combination of knowledge of a tax adviser with the knowledge of a legal adviser. As the only representative of Europe, she became a member of a five-man Council which established the international Ally Law network (, whose purpose is to provide legal services to global customers as an alternative for legal services offered by chains of law firms. At present, Mrs Ewa Lejman is the the Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of Ally Law. The Directors are appointed out of Ally Law members and these are outstanding lawyers from all over the world. The Directors act as regional representatives of the organisation. Thanks to our presence in Ally Law, our Law Firm is able to provide legal services to customers all over the world.

In 2012, i.e. in the first edition of the Rising Stars competition, the winner was our partner, Mr Jarosław Rudy, Legal Adviser and Authorised Adviser in the New Connect market. Mr Jarosław Rudy was appreciated, among others, for his multimillion venture-capital based transactions. He deals with the capital market.

We are glad that our lawyers were recognised as the rising stars of law in this prestigious competition, whose purpose is to award lawyers who, thanks to their knowledge, achievements and social approach, meet top legal service standards.

“In the world of business, there is no place for mediocre lawyers. This is the place solely for the best and that is what I take into account while choosing my associates”, says Izabella Żyglicka, Founder of the Law Firm.