The Anti-Crisis Package – the demands of entrepreneurs

Izabella Żyglicka, Vice President of the Regional Chamber of Commerce, took part for the third time in the meeting of the Council of Entrepreneurs today. Entrepreneurs and political parties consult on draft Anti-Crisis Package Acts. It can be said that “the wheels still are in motion” – Entrepreneurs fight mainly for:

  1. Voluntary ZUS contribution for all Small and Medium-sized Entrepreneurs, without any criteria for a minimum period of 3 months – according to calculations, if all entrepreneurs stopped paying ZUS contributions (except for health insurance), the cost would be about 4 billion, compared to the declared 212 billion in aid for entrepreneurs – the appeal can be supported [here];
  2. Unlocking funds on VAT accounts (split payment);
  3. Microloans of up to PLN 15,000;
  4. Avoiding bureaucracy, i.e. the state authorities acting with just the request of the entrepreneur without administrative decisions;
  5. VAT return within 14 days, not 60 days as today;
  6. Suspension of payment of real estate tax and fees for perpetual usufruct – by all local government bodies with the obligation to cover these costs by the central budget until the end of 2020;
  7. Automatic suspension of payment of credit instalments for at least 3 months.