Prague September 2014 – Our Legal Office at the International Alliance of Law Firms (IALF)

The main focus of the IALF members’ meeting in Prague was the legal assistance provided by the legal offices affiliated within the IALF to global companies with branches in different countries worldwide. Our Legal Office has been actively involved in this ambitious project; therefore, our delegation consisted of the following three partners: Ewa Lejman, Jarosław Rudy and Janusz Zieliński, and was the most numerous group among the distinguished lawyers from all over Europe. Apart from serious subject-related issues, the meeting in Prague was designed, as usual, to foster mutual understanding and exchange of experiences. This will facilitate the future process of providing recommendations for Clients who intend to conduct business in other countries in which the IALF-affiliated legal offices operate.

The project for providing assistance to global (international) companies was conceived by the US legal offices affiliated in the IALF. Careful observation of the legal services market worldwide indicates that major international corporations may be interested in legal assistance not only from large network law firms, but also from local medium-sized legal offices – just like the ones that belong to the IALF. The success of our mission can be measured by the formation of cooperation procedures between the individual law firms within the IALF, so that they can jointly handle the process of providing legal assistance to all branches (subsidiaries) of an international corporation.