Our Law Firm representation at this year’s edition of AffiliateCon in Sofia

On 15–16 May 2019, during the two-day conference in Sofia, our Law Firm was represented by Ewa Lejman, partner and attorney-at-law, who was invited to address this year’s edition of the conference, accompanied by Kamila Spalińska, trainee attorney-at-law.

AffiliateCon is the international conference on affiliate marketing in the gaming industry and on-line gambling. The conference brings together representatives of many industries interested in the on-line gambling market, including the representatives of legal, IT, marketing and business sectors.

As part of her speech, attorney-at-law Ewa Lejman presented the participants of AffiliateCon with information on the current legal regulations concerning the gambling market in Poland, observed trends and problems affecting entities operating in the gambling sector in Poland, anticipated changes in Polish legislation as well as changes and trends observed on the gambling market in Czechia and Slovakia.

What does the Affiliate stand for?

AffiliateCon’s participants, apart from legal experts and business representatives, are entities combining business activity with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the techniques used in Internet marketing. It is based on the relationship of independent business entities, in which the advertiser delegates the performance of marketing activities to its partners (affiliates).

Partners have special affiliate links to advertiser websites and, and in some cases, personalised discount codes. The aim of the affiliate marketing is to encourage potential customers to use the advertiser’s offer by placing on the partner’s websites advertisements, usually in combination with links used for redirecting directly to the advertiser’s website. Partners receive a commission estimated on the basis of the number of services purchased by persons who have entered the advertiser’s website via an affiliate link or using the discount code of the partner.