Our Firm as the co-founder of the “Poland – East” Export Cluster.

An important meeting on the Polish business market was held in Warsaw on July 31, 2014. More than ten Polish companies, together with a prestigious university and a technology park, signed an agreement for the “Poland – East” Export Cluster.

The idea behind the “Poland – East” Export Cluster was simply to develop the potential regarding the export or import of Polish goods and services, as well as to promote Polish products and services on the eastern markets, including Asian ones.

The Żyglicka i Wspólnicy Legal Office, along with its partners: Instytut INTL, BDKM Grupa Doradcza and Stowarzyszenie SIST, designed and created the concept of a business cluster, with the task of affiliating Polish entrepreneurs as well as educational and innovative institutions, such as technology parks.

The objective of the Cluster will be to support the Polish business by:

  • collective promotion, an information base, a web-portal, participation in fairs and economic missions focused on the export of Polish products onto  eastern markets;
  • organising training courses, seminars and conferences;
  • supporting and applying for the co-financing of research and implementation projects for the Export Cluster, taking into account the fund of the EU, the government and local authorities;

The Members of the Export Cluster will share their experiences and knowledge, as well as help one another not only on the local market but also abroad.

The “Poland – East” Export Cluster aims to develop solutions supporting the enterprises which already operate or plan to commence their activities on eastern markets, as well as to provide entrepreneurs with assistance in the creation of cooperative chains.

Below, there is a link to a video coverage of this event, prepared by Instytut INTL.