Legal Adviser Jarosław Rudy advised Platinum Alfa sp. z o.o. fund on its investment in Myneviskin sp. z o.o.

Legal Adviser Jarosław Rudy, partner in Żyglicka i Wspólnicy, advised Platinum Alfa sp. z o.o. fund on its investment in Myneviskin sp. z o.o.

Myneviskin sp. z o.o. implements R&D project to develop a functional application connected to a scanner, and containing educational materials and instructions. The aim of the application is to help a patient contact the doctor and to post an initial diagnosis regarding various forms and types of malignant neoplasms and skin lesions based on the characteristic features of nevi, including pigmentation, shape and structure.  

The function of the President of the Management Board of Myneviskin sp. z o.o. is performed by Mrs. Yulianna Yussef, the originator of the prototype of the skin scanner and the line of natural sunscreen creams. She is a blogger and worldwide influencer known from dozens of articles on her living with skin nevi. She has life experience in dealing with nevi, numerous contacts among dermatologists and extensive knowledge in the field of skin care. She has completed numerous training courses in the United States regarding modern online sales methods and the functioning of social media.

The Company acquired a total of PLN 1,000,000 (private contribution + grant).