Izabella Żyglicka was awarded with a Silver Badge of Merit for her service for the Śląskie Voivodship

On 19 October 2017, during the 7th European Congress of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the International Congress Centre in Katowice, the 45th official session of the regional parliament of the Śląskie Voivodship was held. The subject of the meeting was “Science – Business – Local government. The triangle of cooperation for sustainable social and economic development of regions”.

As part of the agenda, Badges of Merit for the service for the Śląskie Voivodship and honourable mentions under the programme entitled “Local government that supports SMEs” were awarded. One of awards, the Silver Badge of Merit, was granted to Mrs Izabella Żyglicka, Legal Adviser, Partner of our Law Firm.

The Badge of Merit for the service for the Śląskie Voivodship is awarded to natural persons and entities that contribute to the economic, cultural and social development of the region.