Izabella Żyglicka’s article published in “Gazeta Prawna” daily

On Tuesday, 11 December 2018, an article entitled “Trading in securities by the issuer already permitted, in closed periods,” written by Izabella Żyglicka, attorney-at-law and the managing partner of our law firm, was published in the supplement to daily newspaper “Gazeta Prawna.” The article concerns the interpretation of Article 19, section 11 of Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) following the query submitted to ESMA by another partner of the law firm of attorney-at-law, Jarosław Rudy. In accordance with the response of ESMA, Article 19, section 11 of MAR does not apply to issuer’s transactions in closed periods.

Izabella Żyglicka and Jarosław Rudy specialise, among others, in legal advice for capital market participants both on the part of issuers and investment firms, in proceedings before supervisory authorities and in the execution of M&A transactions.

The article is available at the following link:,obrot-papierami-przez-emitenta-w-okresach-zamknietych.html