Interview with our attorney Beata Bieniek-Wiera in the “Gazeta Prawna” daily

The Monday issue of the “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” daily published an article on the implications of a delayed payment of a sickness insurance premium by entrepreneurs and the related discriminatory legal provisions applied particularly in the case of small and medium‑sized enterprises.  This issue was commented upon by Ms Beata Bieniek-Wiera, an attorney at our Legal Office. The discussion was also joined by the President of the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers (Związek Przedsiębiorców i Pracodawców) – Mr Cezary Kaźmierczak. The Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers, with the “Żyglicka i Wspólnicy” Legal Office as one of its members, protects small and medium-sized enterprises against the discriminatory actions of the state.

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