Conference “Tax advisor defending taxpayer’s rights”

A turbulent legal environment for entrepreneurs – is that what it is?

Izabella Żyglicka answered this question during a panel organised by the National Chamber of Tax Advisers as part of the European SME Congress.

Well – we know that the legal environment is not conducive to entrepreneurs, and all the announcements of simplifications and other great-sounding facilities end up with even more complications.
So what do we need, when predictability and transparency are completely alien to the legislator?
Tax advisers and lawyers working together and forming effective teams.
Only the entrepreneur has to pay for this.
Out of what?
From the savings he will make when specialists advise him well, and the opportunities for tax optimisation and legal protection are always there! 
Sound optimistic?
Yes, because it is real.
We can see this from the number of lawsuits we have won.

The conclusion of the discussion, in which many interesting representatives of administration, courts and entrepreneurs took part, is quite clear: entrepreneur, go to a lawyer and tax advisor! You will pay, but you will gain knowledge and analysis of your legal and tax situation!