Attorney at Law, Partner Ewa Lejman-Widz re-elected as Vice President of Ally Law

At the last Annual General Meeting, which was held for the first time via conference call & video, Ally Law members decided on a new board of directors for 2020-2021.

Ally Law members have elected: Andrew Parlour (Russell Kennedy; Melbourne, Australia) as Treasurer, and James Turner (McVeagh Fleming; Aukland, New Zealand) as Vice President. Paul Franke (Moye White LLP; Denver, Colorado) continues to serve as First Vice President, and Roger Franklin (Edwin Coe; London, United Kingdom) as Secretary. Continuing one-year terms as Vice Presidents are: Erich Gibel (Gibel Zirm; Vienna, Austria), Ronald Hack (Evans & Dixon; St. Louis, United States), Marc Landis (Phillips Nizer; New York, United States), Ewa Lejman-Widz (Izabella Żyglicka and Partners; Katowice, Poland), Martin O’Hara (Much Law; Chicago, Illinois), Paola Sangiovanni (Gitti and Partners; Milan, Italy) and Ramesh K Vaidyanathan (Advaya Legal; Mumbai, India).