At the 8th European SME Congress, partners of our law firm moderated a discussion on choosing the best form of one’s own business

Which decisions should be made already at the stage of setting up the business to choose the most appropriate form of business activity? The answer to this one and many more questions were provided by experts invited to the panel moderated by Beata Bieniek-Wiera on the choice of the optimal model for business activity.

Our law firm expert, legal counsel Paweł Karasiński, explained what should primarily be taken into account when setting up your own business. He answered the key questions one has to consider when thinking about choosing the right legal form of their business.

During the panel discussion regarding important aspects of economic operation, important issues related to business ethics were also brought up. Can entrepreneurs benefit from acting ethically? The issue was clarified by Ewa Rogozińska, International Expert in cross-cultural communication and business ethics. Kamil Durczok, journalist, founder of the Silesion portal, talked about his experiences in setting up and running his own business.

The appropriate form of business activity from the tax perspective was discussed by Ewa Jakubczyk-Cały, President and Founder of PKF Consult audit company.

The entire discussion was summarised by legal counsel Paweł Karasiński who quoted statistical data, which says that there were more than 4,300,000 businesses registered in 2017 in Poland. This proves that despite dynamically changing economic conditions, Poland is witnessing a steadily growing number of entrepreneurs.