Anti-Crisis Package

Are the entrepreneurs satisfied with help from the State? Well, they expect more confidence of the State towards the citizen and the possibility of submitting applications without official decisions! Entrepreneurs do not want to be dependent on decisions, today everyone is fighting for their lives (literally!), so we expect the State to introduce automatic solutions; first of all:

  1. Voluntary ZUS contributions and only a notification sent to ZUS by the Entrepreneur – this is the first postulate, which was already raised by the SME Spokesperson Adam Abramowicz on Saturday;
  2. Possibility to defer PIT and VAT payments – for 3 or 6 months – also only by way of a notification by the entrepreneur;
  3. Payments 40-40-20 at the request of the entrepreneur after each month, without waiting – employees must get paid;
  4. Grace period for credit payments – but in such a way that the Bank could refuse only in exceptional situations;
  5. Joining the local authorities in a nationwide action initiated by the SME Spokesperson Adam Abramowicz in the scope of suspension and/or redemption of rents from communal premises, real estate taxes, and fees for perpetual usufruct.

The entire interview can be found [here]