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Jarosław Rudy, Attorney at Law, advised the fund operated by Kvarko ASI sp. z o.o. on investments in MEDITRANSFER sp. z o.o.

Jarosław Rudy, Managing Partner of Żyglicka i Wspólnicy Law Firm, Attorney at Law, advised the fund operated by Kvarko ASI sp. z o.o. on investments in MEDTRANSFER sp. z o.o., which performs an R&D project.

MEDTRANSFER sp. z o.o. and its partners are represented by Agata Kowalska and Joanna Toruniewska, Legal Advisors from Chabasiewicz Kowalska i Partnerzy Law Firm in Kraków.

Total funds acquired by MEDTRANSFER sp. z o.o. amount to PLN 1 million.

MEDTRANSFER Sp. z o.o. is an owner of the Medtransfer platform. This is a solution for hospitals, clinics, physicians and patients which enables to send and browse image test results (files of large size) in a fast and safe way in the Internet browser. The tool solves common problems connected with archiving X-ray, ultrasonography, MRI and CT images on traditional carriers (CDs, pendrives) and transferring them between medical centres by patients. At present, talks with hospitals and private centres aimed at the implementation of the platform are in progress. Medtransfer was already tested by several hospitals and a private clinic. The Medtransfer platform was supplemented with: tools using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse image test results, a module supporting orthopaedists in pre-surgery osteotomy planning (surgery where very precise calculation of the place and angle of bone cutting and connecting is necessary).


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