Żyglicka i Wspólnicy: an official partner of Deutsche Telekom hubraum Fund GmbH

Żyglicka i Wspólnicy is an official partner of Deutsche Telekom hubraum Fund GmbH, operating under the hubraum, which is a technological incubator of Deutsche Telekom.
The partnership will include, among others, actions related attracting young technological companies and potential investors to the Fund.

hubraum is a technological incubator which connects start-ups at the early development stage with Deutsche Telekom, stimulates the transfer of innovations, and creates business opportunities for both sides.

Our cooperation is an effect of a rapidly developing VC market in Poland and DT hubraum Fund’s interest in investment opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe.

As a leader of legal services for the alternative investment fund market #ASI in Poland, we believe that hubraum’s offer is interesting not only for start-ups, but mainly for funds (hubraum invests solely as a co-investor). The operation of the incubator of a large telecom in Poland creates many opportunities for funds that are interested in co-investments and would like to take advantage of technological experience, resources and contacts of hubraum and Deutsche Telekom.