We support the SAVE THE BUSINESS campaign

Adam Abramowicz, SME Spokesperson, initiated SAVE THE BUSINESS campaign directed to entrepreneurs who run micro, small and medium enterprises. The platform is designed to help entrepreneurs get expert advice on what they can do in these difficult times, what applications they can make and where they can apply for support for their businesses. The action is pro publico bono. Legal and tax assistance is provided remotely (by phone and electronically).

Izabella Żyglicka, attorney-at-law, the founding partner of the law firm and Vice President of the Regional Chamber of Commerce, the largest multi-branch chamber and its Spokesperson for the Entrepreneurs’ Rights, joined the SAVE THE BUSINESS campaign together with her entire team of lawyers! Join us! Assistance can also be obtained from the RCC helpline, which was launched together with the Katowice City Hall, where entrepreneurs are directed straightforwardly to experts in legal matters.