Programme Conference The Ten of the Ombudsman for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises – Social security of entrepreneurs

On 20 April 2021 the first meeting during the conference was held. It was initiated by the Ombudsman for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to present and promote the most urgent and necessary system changes for entrepreneurs.

During the meeting, experts discussed the onerousness of lump-sum social security contributions for entrepreneurs, including, in particular, a demand for deleting a revenue limit of PLN 120,000 and a time limit for the use of such a form of contribution payment from the “Small ZUS Plus” act.

Adam Abramowicz, Ombudsman for SMEs pointed out that entrepreneurs in Poland finally had a platform for discussion and operation for their environment. The act does not forbid to take actions for large companies, either. Thus, there are also large companies in the council, which shows that we can act together.

For demands made by entrepreneurs, see [here]