POWERPOL Energy and Heating Congress

On February 22-23, 2021, the 21st edition of the POWERPOL Nationwide Power and Heating Congress took place in Warsaw. “2021: Breakthrough in the Polish Energy Sector” was the central theme of the conference.

The Congress agenda included issues that created an opportunity for exchanging opinions and sharing experience among representatives of the government, the largest energy and heating companies in the country, the most important industry organizations, the academic community and the business sector. The group of experts discussed the standing of and prospects for the power and gas sectors as well as opportunities for the development of electromobility, offshoring, cogeneration, and RES potential, as well as the increasingly stronger impact of legislation and international developments on energy security.

The moderator of the “Horizon 2050: Development, investments, innovations” panel was Izabella Żyglicka, Attorney-at-Law.

Below, you can find acknowledgments from the organizers for the substantive support, as well as an invitation to participate in next year’s Congress.