Our Law Firm advised to Kvarko sp. z o.o. on investment in SatRevolution S.A.

Our Law Firm advised Kvarko sp. z o.o. on investment, conducted together with Infini sp. z o.o., in SatRevolution S.A., which carries out the project entitled “Nanosatellite Development and Production”.

Total funds acquired by SatRevolution S.A. amounted to PLN 3 million.

Kvarko sp. z o.o. was represented Jarosław Rudy, Partner of our Law Firm, Legal Advisor.

The funds acquired by SatRevolution will be allocated to work connected with the preparation of the first Polish commercial satellite to be launched into orbit, the construction of a SR-NANO-BUS platform, as well as work on satellite technologies. The first produced satellite called Światowid is planned to be placed in orbit of the Earth in 2018.