Nuclear fusion, a source of clean, inexhaustible energy … for the prepared.

Processes are taking place before our eyes that could completely change reality as we know it, and were science fiction just a dozen years ago. Are we prepared for revolutionary change?

Why will nuclear fusion become a game changer? The fuel is cheap, widely available and will last for millions of years (you need … water and lithium, which is found in the Earth’s crust). We will produce as much energy from one kilogram of fusion fuel as with millions of kilograms of fossil fuel. Fusion energy will be clean, with no adverse impact on the environment.

The world is already in a race to acquire technology, spheres of influence are being created and appropriate legal and financial instruments are in place. Against this background, Poland appears unaware of the situation.
Let us hope that this will change quickly, otherwise we will find ourselves in the energy third division.


Dariusz Hura

Partner, Attorney at Law

Dariusz Hura