Management of the sale of the organized part of the “Farby z Motylkiem” enterprise.

In the registered office of our Law Firm in Katowice, there was signed the agreement on selling the organized part of the enterprise Farby z Motylkiem. The parties to the transaction were Invest Park Hajduki Spółka Akcyjna, as the seller, and the Italian San Marco Group, as the buyer. San Marco Group is a leading producer of paints and varnishes which has been operating since 1962. The Group has eight daughter companies in different countries, 7 well-known brands, and its products are present in 55 countries around the world.

By rendering services in favour of the Seller, our Law Firm developed the scheme of transactions, conducted the negotiations on behalf of the Client, prepared the legal documentation and participated in all the other activities associated with the transaction, looking after its correct and legal course.

The negotiations were conducted in Italy and in Poland in English, with the participation of Jarosław Rudy – member of the law firm.

The management of international transactions is becoming, among others due to the presence in the International Alliance of Law Firms, one of the standard services of our firm, and each subsequent project expands our experience.