Jarosław Rudy becomes the Lawyer of 2020!

We hereby announce that Mr Jarosław Rudy is the Lawyer of 2020 in our law firm.

We grant the title of the Lawyer of Month at the Żyglicka i Wspólnicy Law Firm every month. This title is granted to a lawyer that achieves the highest sales of legal services to our Clients. The winner obtains a champagne from our law firm.

We have also implemented the title of the Lawyer of Year. This is an award for a person that was the Lawyer of Month in the greatest number of months in a given year. Last year, Mr Jarosław Rudy was the lawyer of month four times. That is why he won and obtained the title of the Lawyer of 2020 with a beautiful statuette.

The purpose of our internal ranking is not only to channel lawyers’ innate sense of competition, but first of all to be fun for our team.

Congratulations, Jarek!