Ewa Lejman-Widz Expert of the Employers of the Republic of Poland on FAMILY FOUNDATIONS

By definition, a family business is an entity in which at least two people from one family work and more than half of the company’s capital belongs to the family. In practice, it is a way for the invested money to remain within the family.

On 22 May 2023, the family foundation legislation will come into force. Interest in this new legal form is already huge. Lots of questions and doubts are arising.

Attorney at Law, partner in the law firm Żyglicka i Wspólnicy Ewa Lejman-Widz has become an EXPERT of the Employers of the Republic of Poland and will participate in conferences and meetings on family foundation issues.

Already on 6 June, the Congress of Family Businesses will be held in Wrocław, in which Family Foundations Expert Ewa Lejman-Spectator will participate.

Panel discussions are planned, which will focus on the legal and tax issues facing family businesses, but also the challenges they face.

Representatives from business, science and local government will be in attendance.

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