Aid for enterprises

Please, contact us if you are an enterprise that would like to operate in accordance with legal regulations during the pandemic. Carrying out business activity in the existing reality is connected with many challenges, including legal ones.

The adequate organisation of the company’s processes lets the company come away unscathed from difficult circumstances, in particular during the period when legal regulations are changed frequently.

Our experts will aid enterprises in such issues like:

  1. court defence against administrative penalties for non-compliance with restrictions;
  2. adjustment of business activity conditions to compliance with legal regulations and restrictions;
  3. comprehensive solutions related to labour law and employment;
  4. preparation to inspection by public authorities, including rights and obligations of enterprises;
  5. edition of rules, internal procedures and codes of conduct, personal data safety;
  6. execution of agreements with other enterprises, in particular in terms of the protection of financial interests;
  7. acquisition of subsidies and financial aid from Polish and EU programmes;
  8. entrance in the e-commerce market and the preparation of an enterprise to online operation;
  9. restructuring and protective actions, including the safe management of bankruptcy proceedings and the commencement of a new business.

Our team is made of experienced lawyers that are open to new technologies.

You can make an appointment with our lawyers by phone, e-mail or via Bookero.