A small yet big step in the case

We are pleased to inform you that we have achieved success in the case of the so-called uniformed service pension.

The case of our Client’s appeal against a decision of the Director of the Retirement and Disability Pension Division of the Ministry of the Interior in Warsaw has been pending since August 2017.

Unfortunately, as a result of a legal question addressed by the Regional Court in Warsaw to the Constitutional Tribunal in January 2018, regarding the compliance of the indicated provisions of the so-called the Deubekization Act with the Constitution, thousands of cases, including our Client’s case, were suspended in the country.

All the concerned hoped that the proceedings would be resumed after the Constitutional Tribunal’s judgment, which was to be announced on October 20, 2020. Unfortunately, the judgment announcement on the scheduled date was canceled without setting a new date, and at the end of January 2021, the Constitutional Tribunal announced that the hearing had been reopened.

For thousands of people concerned, this means months (if not years) of waiting for the case to be resolved by the Constitutional Tribunal and the resumption of their proceedings in cases concerning all the appellants’ living issues.

In the face of this situation, we decided to submit a request with the court to resume the suspended proceedings in our Client’s case.

Yesterday, it turned out that the strength of our arguments convinced the court hearing the case, which decided to resume the suspended proceedings.

It is a great success for the team handling the case as it means that after nearly 2 years, we can resume the fight for our Client’s rights.

The decision in our case also gives hope to other people concerned that their cases will be examined by courts again.