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You can have confidence that your legal work will be handled reliably and consistently around the world.  Your satisfaction is our priority.  This focus starts with specific client service standards developed in consultation with our client advisory board.

Our group of law firms is highly responsive and proactive.

Our objective is to respond within one business day to our clients through their preferred means of communication, and we are accessible after hours whenever necessary. We also have solid back-up arrangements in place so that our clients receive timely support when their primary contact is out of the office or unavailable. Our global lawyers are fluent in English and our accessible, up-to-date website has detailed information on practice capabilities and full contact details. Our law firms make it a priority to understand each client’s particular goals and look for opportunities to provide excellent legal advice that supports their success

Our group of law firms works hard to plan, manage and deliver value.

We offer upfront planning sessions to ensure we understand client goals, expectations and the criteria for success. We also provide written confirmation regarding the scope of services, estimated fees and expenses and billing arrangements. Our firms can provide regular progress reports in whatever format or frequency our clients’ may specify. Our law firms also offer a variety of alternative fee arrangements that enhance alignment of our efforts and results with the factors driving success for our clients.

Our group of law firms is structured to support a consistently high global standard of service delivery.

Our firms have invested in technology systems to support excellent legal services to clients. We are prepared to meet each client’s particular requirements for communication and billing procedures. Supporting policies in place help safeguard sensitive client information and work product from disaster or intrusion and provide for rapidly reestablishing contact with lawyers in the event of an emergency. Each of our law firms is committed to compliance with all applicable ethical standards and rules of attorney conduct. Our firms maintain professional liability insurance where customary.

We ask for written evaluations, designed to measure satisfaction with efficiency and effectiveness. This feedback system enables our firms to address and resolve any concerns. No global law firm or legal service provider takes client satisfaction more seriously.

Your satisfaction and input is valued. – Click here to access our services evaluation form.

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